VO talent told us

what they don't like!

“Classes are expensive."

"Too much lecturing, not enough doing."

"I don’t get to read enough."

"No one was at my level."

"I was the only pro in a class of beginners."

The feedback wasn’t specific."

The teacher was fun, but what did I learn?"

"It wasn't worth my time"

So, this is what we do!

Free consultation.

Decide if 
we're for you.

Individualized feedback.

concrete tools.

Small class forum.

Get more 
time on mic.

Affordable price points.

real value.

Time with Deb

Twenty years as a voiceover professional means Debbie knows things. Her eye and ear for details will help you improve your art and business.

A free consultation with Deb

Talk with Hugh

If your goal is to connect with content and improve your authentic conversational read,  Hugh can help you get to the real. 

A free consultation with Hugh